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Pardot Certified Specialist

4 days
Virtual or In-Person

About this Course

Our Certified Specialist course builds on platform fundamentals with a key focus on preparing trainees for their Pardot Specialist certification.

Over this four-day course, delivered by our Pardot certified Consultants, we'll be building up your confidence in the advanced aspects of Pardot (either within your own Pardot instance, or ours). We'll deep dive everything from building effective Engagement Studios, Grading, Lead Management and Reporting (including B2BMA).

  • The course consists of eight two-and-a-half hour sessions, and is held remotely over a time period that suits you (either over six consecutive days, or spread out over a number of weeks).
  • Suitable for anyone with a job role working with Pardot, including: Marketing OperationsMarketing Manager, Marketing Automation/Email/Campaign Manager or a Developer supporting marketing.
  • Candidates should aim to have 6-12 months of experience within Pardot.

Course Outcomes

With the course focusing on the Pardot Specialist certification, the content focuses on advanced Pardot functionality and use cases whilst covering off the specific topics that will be explored in the exam.

  • Visitors & Prospects: Learn how Pardot manages person data (leads, contacts and visitors), as well as interpreting behaviour and activity through Prospect Audits. 
  • Administration: We teach you the relationship between Pardot and Salesforce, how data moves between the two platforms through field management, and how the integration itself is configured. We use this to cover off other key platform configuration tools and considerations, such as users and roles, account optimiser and the recycle bin.
  • Pardot Forms, Form Handlers & Landing Pages: We cover how you identify the capabilities, use cases and reporting capacity of Pardot forms and how they embed into Landing Pages. Learn how to embed Pardot Forms into external pages, set up picklist syncs with your Salesforce fields and advanced features like progressive profiling.
  • Lead Management: Being the largest chunk of the exam, we discuss Pardot's core scoring mechanism and how you can benefit from customising it to your needs. We explain Grading and how to manage your lead management flow into Sales Cloud. Here you'll also learn how to maximise the use of Pardot's automation tools, such as custom redirects, completion actions, dynamic lists and automation rules. 
  • Email Marketing: With email being the primary focus in Pardot, here you'll learn how to use both the native and Lightning email builders, as well as distinguish between the metrics collected in Pardot's email reporting. We'll show you how to pull these reports quickly and efficiently, and get you thinking of ways to display your data.
  • Engagement Studio: You'll learn how to maximise Pardot's Engagement Studio, using campaign best practices, tips and tricks to create fully featured multi-touch campaigns. Whether you are building a three-step 'welcome' journey, or a fully fledged consent management process, we'll explain the process of building actions, triggers and rules to take your campaigns to the next level.

Course Structure

Exam Guide & What to Expect Session 1
Email Marketing
Templates, native/Lightning builder, personalisation, testing and sending, A/B testing, dynamic content
Session 2
Pardot Forms, Form Handlers & Landing Pages
Adding fields, progressive profiling and dependent fields, native and Lightning builder, form placement, personalised URLs
Session 3
Visitors, Prospects & Administration
Creation and profile, activities, prospect audits, platform configuration, integrations, field management, lead scoring, grading, recycle bin
Session 4
Engagement Studio
Use cases, actions, rules and triggers, testing, reporting, tips, tricks and troubleshooting
Session 5
Lead Management & Automation Tools
Qualification, page actions, custom redirects, automation rules (grading and scoring), dynamic lists
Session 6
Mock Exam Session 7
Unique Questions & Exam Tips
Miscellaneous topics and questions, exam guidance, Q&A
Session 8

How We Train You

  • Blended learning: We use a mix of classroom and hands-on learning techniques, adapting to the learning styles and preferences of those in the 'room'. We utilise practical exercises, polls, quiz questions and discussions to get you thinking and give you the knowledge and expertise to maximise use of your martech.
  • Interactive remote learning: We utilise a dedicated online learning platform which has been designed with facilitation, training and interactivity in mind. You'll feel like you are in the room with us!
  • Collaborative in-person training: either at your offices or at our training space in Ropley, Hampshire.
  • On-going support & resources: All sessions will be recorded and shared after each session, along with the content and exercises that we'll use during the training. Our trainers will keep you updated with new platform features and best practices too.

With our approach, you'll feel more energised, engaged and you might even have some fun along the way!


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