Marketo have announced that they will be releasing their Winter 2016 update on Friday 5th February. Here's a brief overview of the enhancements and benefits that will be coming your way soon.

Next Generation Munchkin Tracking

Marketo is upgrading their web tracking:

  • Increasing the number of web events they can ingest.
  • Upgrading to handle more than 100M web events per day.
  • No changes are required to clients’ current Munchkin tracking script

An important change to be aware of is that Marketo are changing the way anonymous leads interact with Smart Campaigns. The “Is Anonymous” filter will be removed from Smart Lists and anonymous leads will no longer flow through a Smart Campaign until they become a known lead. All activities that occurred when the lead was anonymous will be appended to the activity log when they become a known lead. This means that if you have a trigger which scores on a visit to a tracked web page, the score would be applied at the point the lead becomes known.

Email Program Head Start

A new Head Start feature will be available on Email Blast programs. By ticking the Head Start checkbox all lead qualification and processing will be carried out prior to the scheduled start time ensuring that your audience will receive emails at the scheduled time.

Facebook Lead Ads integration

Marketo will be providing an integration with Facebook Lead Ads which allows you to automatically capture the information a lead provides through the Facebook Lead Ads forms. A new trigger is available in Smart Campaigns which will also allow you to carry out follow up actions and send notifications.

Improved Lead Database Dashboard

Marketo will be adding more detail to the Lead Database Dashboard. The total database size will be joined by a graphical representation of the number of marketable leads and a breakdown of the top five lead sources.

Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge has been added to the list of browsers supported by Marketo.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook 2016 is now supported.Detailed release notes from Marketo can be found here.

If you have any Marketo issues or want to get more out of the platform, we’d love to help – feel free to get in touch.