The management of event registration pages after an event is complete is commonly overlooked. Before archiving the program, ensuring all assets are de-activated is crucial from a user experience perspective but also for Marketo housekeeping.

Should a registration page be shared by email, website, social or third party, the original URL could remain visible for some time. An active registration page being visible after an event can cause confusion as well as highlighting a lack of poor event management by not removing expired pages.

Held under the ‘Landing Pages’ section of the ‘Admin’ tab is what’s called a ‘Redirect Rule’.  Implemented after event registration is closed, it enables users to change the location of an old registration landing page visit. Redirecting to a landing page highlighting that registration is now closed creates a professional end to end management of the registration process. It also provides a chance to promote a future event for that prospect or customer to register for instead.


Clevertouch | Managing Marketo campaign assets post-event