When we set out to build a piece of software to simplify event data management in 2022, we knew we wanted to solve many of the pain points that marketers had in hosting or being present at events. 

We initially heard about the challenges of:  

  • finding event management platforms that could integrate fully with both Adobe Marketo and Salesforce Pardot, seamlessly matching data fields and updating records held in the marketing automation platform with actions associated with event invitation, registration, attendance, dietary requirements and more;
  • how difficult some software packages were to use and the clunky experience across multiple devices and multiple people; and
  • how manual and time-consuming the event check-in experience was, for both event organisers and attendees, as well as the desire for a more seamless arrival experience.

Fast forward to 2023, and our proprietary software, Eventum, solves all of these frustrations – and more. It’s been built to: 

1) streamline on-the-day processes for the onsite events team, whilst making event registration seamless for attendees;

2) replace pens and highlighters with an intuitive event check-in platform that is fully integrated with MA and CRM platforms, ensuring accuracy of event follow-up; and

3) enable follow-up instantly with attendees, further simplifying the on the day experience whilst, ensuring the brand stays front-of-mind. 

Data management and customer experience at events

We’d like to talk a bit more about the one theme that is a consistent challenge in proving the performance of events: data management.  

Clean, reliable, rich and secure data that is easily understood, used and reported on, supports every marketing strategy and tactical plan, including events.  

With Eventum supporting custom integrations for both Adobe Marketo and Salesforce Pardot, clients can easily configure Eventum to work extensively with either, by leveraging custom fields that already exist in your Marketing Automation platform, to ensure that clean and reliable data is captured. This avoids one of the main pressure points most often experienced by event organisers: the manual processing, preparation and integration of prospect, lead and customer data.  

Lists of attendees and invitees are automatically managed by Eventum whenever you choose to sync the data at your event or later, making it a lot easier for the marketing team to do two key things: understand and make future decisions based on attendee behaviour from events at an individual level to support personalised marketing with surveys and future events, and at a company or account level; and secondly, report to the business on event performance. 

You can trust Eventum, thanks to its encrypted, zero-knowledge infrastructure. The contact data is stored locally and not in the Eventum infrastructure, providing additional compliance including GDPR. Working in this way reduces the security risks of sending data by email or spreadsheets, enabling teams to work across the country and around the world with confidence.  

Eventum also has a robust role and permission system, giving you peace of mind and security. Events are assigned the right users and roles with permissions that best suit their responsibilities.  

There are other touches outside of the data sphere 

Provide Clevertouch with three colours in your company colour palette and we’ll be able to craft a custom theme.  

And, thanks to customer feedback we're adding new features to Eventum regularly. For now, check out more information and get in touch to speak to one of our team.