The growth of martech within the marketing landscape in recent years can only be described as exponential. In 2010 when Clevertouch started, there were just 150 martech platforms to choose from. Today there are over 8000.

Sales Enablement is one of the fastest growing categories in the martech landscape. This explosive growth signifies the importance that organisations are placing on Sales and Marketing alignment, many of whom placing the initiative at the heart of their business strategy over recent years. The importance of Sales Enablement within Marketing cannot be understated either, and many are seeing the software available as an essential part of their marketing plans to help bridge the gap between the two departments.

As a Marketing Technology consultancy, we couldn’t ignore it. We too believe it is so critical to business success that we have included Sales Enablement as its own category within our Martech Spine™ philosophy.

In doing so we have also formed a strategic partnership with Seismic, the industry-leading sales and marketing enablement solution. Our aim is to help organisations implement and optimise their strategic use of sales enablement technology, in doing so deliver on a key business objective of aligning Sales and Marketing.

About Seismic

Seismic is the industry-leading sales enablement and marketing orchestration solution, aligning go-to-market teams while empowering them to deliver engaging buyer experiences that drive growth. Seismic’s Storytelling PlatformTM delivers innovative capabilities for marketers to orchestrate content delivery across all channels, and for sellers to engage with prospective buyers in a compelling, resonant manner at every step of the buyer journey. More than 600 enterprises including IBM and American Express have made Seismic their sales enablement platform of choice. The Seismic Storytelling Platform™ integrates with business-critical platforms including Microsoft, Salesforce, Google and Adobe. Seismic is headquartered in San Diego, with offices across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Seismic helps marketing, enablement, and sales teams in six key ways:

Orchestrate and define campaigns aligned to their core strategy. Seismic drives the execution of content for those campaigns, deploys content across multiple channels, and then measures and continuously improves upon results throughout buyer journeys.

Curate content by highlighting to marketing and sales teams what’s most useful, and also recommending what content to deprecate.

Activate and inform, educate and empower sales with news, training, and content in context of the buyer for more relevant and meaningful engagements.

Discover content across the organisation that otherwise would have been impossible to find. Field personnel can search content and Seismic will automatically recommend what’s most relevant based upon insights into what content’s the most effective. Seismic also automatically surfaces sellers’ content that’s most likely to resonate with prospective buyers, based on Seismic’s understanding of where buyers are in their customer journey.

Engage buyers more effectively through sellers that have the power to share your story, tailored specifically to their buyers, in a way that helps them (and marketing) to understand which stories are truly resonating and which are not.

Learn through data captured in Seismic and other integrated systems, that inform deep insights that your marketing and sales leadership can use to better understand what's working versus not working. This data also informs AI that drives the recommendations in terms of what content is the most effective.

To find out more about our partnership and to talk with the team about how we can help optimise your Sales Enablement strategy, take a look here.