To optimise consent before the GDPR deadline you should be maximising opt-ins across your email communications.Why not create an opt-in banner that will appear for all prospects and customers who have not yet opted-in?GDPR Opt-in Banners for PardotNeed proof? Since we started running our own opt-in banners, 55% of all our opt-in contacts have been generated through them.To build these in Pardot, you will need to create and apply the following:

  • Create a Custom Redirect – to capture opt in, opt in date and source
  • Create Dynamic Content
  • Add Dynamic Content to your Email template

However, there is a caveat. To be able to build an opt-in banner in your Pardot emails you will need a Pro or Ultimate edition of Pardot, or have Dynamic Content enabled.Want to fast-track these builds? Get in touch with us today.