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Where is the Industry Going?

Where is the Industry Going?

The future of marketing will always concern technology, but it will require a simplified approach.

In The Beginning

CleverTouch Marketing started as a consulting and services firm extolling the future importance of Marketing Automation at a time when it was only just emerging.

Today, Marketing Automation is a well-established and respected practice. But beyond initial deployment, the industry faces issues of privacy, trust, and customer experience. For businesses investing in MarTech, there is pressure to prove and optimise their investment for future business growth.

More Insights

From Small Acorns

Our operating space has expanded in line with our client’s ambition and our own capabilities. Not only are we experts in Marketing Automation, Marketing Cloud, CRM, CX and Analytics, we have more certified MarTech consultants on multiple platforms than anyone else in Europe.

We have moved deliberately to be a true SaaS player; both a Software and Services company, developing tools, applications and services to aid the simplification and wider adoption of marketing technology. Our applications are used by the world’s most admired, ambitious and data intensive brands.

Growing Simplicity

We believe that marketing functions will continue to redirect focus and investment into marketing technology, but as marketing technology stacks grow, Simplification technology will become key to driving wider adoption and effective utilisation.

There will be more emphasis on business intelligence and predictive attributable insight over and above historical reporting. We are investing in this area too.

The War For Talent

Additionally, we believe the shortage of key digital skills will become a strategic issue for all CMOs and it will impact marketing delivery and results. We are looking to address this issue through several key initiatives, most notably our Level Up programme, but also through smarter hybrid management and campaign delivery models.

Finally, organisations are moving beyond trialling and implementing Marketing Automation to benchmarking their capabilities and ambitions against their industry peers.

Level Up