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Develop a Lead Routing process and Scoring model

£1.050 per person
The Workshop, Ropley Dean, Hampshire

Module Requirements

This training session is suitable for anyone with a job role working with Marketo, including: Marketing Operations, Marketing Manager or a Developer supporting marketing.

  • Must have around 2 months light touch Marketo use
  • No experience with HTML is required

Module Outcome

Know how to develop a lead routing process for new and existing records, including:

  • Understand what Marketo functionality is available to enable a Lead routing process
  • Conduct a situation assessment of how Lead routing is working for you currently, or not, and a plan to optimise it
  • Assess whether someone is engaged with your marketing
  • Discuss routes to pass an engaged lead to the right place in the CRM
  • How to adapt the process for New vs. Existing leads
  • Learn how Marketo understands where a lead is in the journey and how to progress it
  • Focus on core lead handing: Prospect -> MQL -> SAL
  • Learn about the advantages of Lead scoring and grading
  • Understand how to embed Lead scoring as part of Lead routing

You need to be constantly learning. Your skillset will be redundant every 6 months in this world

- Steve Taylor, Digital Marketing Manager EMEA, OCLC

How We Teach You

Delivered in person at our purpose-built education facility in Hampshire, each Level Up module has a duration of around 6 hours.

Your trainer is a qualified Marketo expert, who teaches in a friendly and engaging style, listening to your needs and ensuring examples are relevant to your objectives.

Each session focuses on an area of the marketer's role e.g. how to build and launch a successful campaign.

Our Level Up agendas combine both Marketo and marketing knowledge in order to deliver a best-in-class education program.

On completion of the full course, each Level Up Alumni will be both competent in the module outcomes and also further along their journey to becoming a well-rounded digital marketer.

Module Preparation

Bring along your current As-Is state of lead process and routing and an idea of your desired To-Be state.

  • Any documentation around how Marketing qualifies leads
  • Any criteria on how/when leads are passed to Sales. If you do have an existing scoring model, please do bring with you for review.
  • Criteria on how Sales return leads to Marketing
  • Information on where the data sits in your martech spine. E.g. what other systems does Marketo interact with?
  • What do you feel the ideal lead process is, the proposed To-Be state. this can be as simple as quick drawing or an document.


Day begins 9:30
What is Lead Management?
Best Practices examples and common challenges
Data Entry & Recording
Funnel & Qualification
How does Lead Scoring work?
Best practice examples
Demographic & Behavioural
Recording Scoring Values
Developing Scoring Rules
Setting thresholds
Example Personas
Day ends 15:30

Your Trainer

About Matt

Matt Prior is the Technical Services Manager at Clevertouch.

With almost a decade spent using Marketing Automation tools in both the Salesforce and Adobe ecosystems, Matt is one of the leading technical consultants around today. He has delivered training in companies listed on the FTSE100, FTSE250 and across Europe. A recognised martech consultant in both Marketing Cloud and Marketing Automation, Matt sure knows what he’s talking about.

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