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Services | Insight and Analytics

Pre-Campaign Services

We look at data to define patterns and insight with the sole purpose to help our clients make money, save money or provide them additional insight.

Data Audit

Before you load your data, it is a great idea to get a visual understanding of your customer and prospect data. The data audit is the ideal initial service where we look at the structure, the quality, the age, the missing bits and the reputational score.

Most importantly we clear up what you have and make clear recommendations on the path to a Data Management Strategy.

TAM Analysis

TAM stands for Total Addressable Market.

If you don’t know the size of your market and can’t identify enough prospects then you have an incomplete Marketing Strategy.

The great thing about a TAM analysis is that it gives you purpose and direction and we can do some cool stuff such as identifying prospects based on existing customer profiles.

Data Standardisation & Segmentation

Most data just evolves, grows, decays and to be honest ends up in a bit of a mess.

We clean it up and make it structured and primed for Marketing Automation set-up, load and ongoing management.

Data Hygiene

We think Marketers are a pretty clean and hygienic lot. Your data is a bit like your teeth and needs at least a twice yearly clean up

But it is more than just hygiene. In fact if your data is poor, then it affects your reputational score with leading platforms. Best have a regular check-up.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive lead scoring is all about looking for patterns in the data for even better targeting.

After positioning and segmentation, a focus on targeting is fundamental to your marketing strategy. Let us help you deliver this.

Targeting & Campaign Planning

Smart marketers don’t want hype and headlines inside their business, it sets them up for a fall.

Far better to focus on incremental improvement, getting better results quarter over quarter.

We take campaign reporting seriously. It means you can socialise the good news around the business, but more importantly plan for even better results in the future.