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Advanced Development

Challenge the Marketing Automation norm with custom applications and integrations to improve efficiencies and increase revenues. But how can we help you?

Neat Applications Come from Ambitious Minds

As clients gain confidence in Marketing Automation, typically ambitions grow and and neat applications are required to make the experience a little more intelligent and natural.

The result? CleverTouch’s own IP Factory is now open for business and it is brimming with ideas. Got an idea to help your business? Get in touch and we’d love to help.

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Helping Define your Marketing Cloud

Marketing Automation is quickly becoming the thing everything else hangs off. Smart marketers get this and want to push it to its limits. “Integrate MA with this”… “Pass information to that” and soon you’ve defined your very own Marketing Cloud.

The smart marketers build an infrastructure and are on top of their business.

Increased Lead Source Attribution with Social Integration

There is no denying it, Social Media is fast becoming another marketing channel that can push your personalisation further but just how can you take advantage of that with Marketing Automation?

Why not set up social sign on? Append your data with social information? Increasing your channel coverage and lead source attribution gives you the ROI you need.

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