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16 Tips to Capture Marketing Consent for GDPR

A marketers guide for permission-based marketing and capturing GDPR consent

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16 Tips to Capture Marketing Consent for GDPR

There are two areas of GDPR that are most relevant to us in Marketing – consent and legitimate interest.

Without gaining one of these, we are unable to communicate with our marketing database in a post-GDPR world and therefore run the risk of losing a large percentage of our marketable database.

Not only are we fearing that but with non-GDPR compliant fines being up to 4% of global turnover, this is a topic now very much on the radar of the c-suite.

So how can we go about generating marketing opt-ins and capture consent?

This guide provides 16 tips to deliver permission-based marketing, become GDPR compliant and thrive post 25th May 2018.

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16 Tips to Capture Marketing Consent for GDPR

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