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With a house full of thought-leaders and superstar developers, we carve our own path and make outstanding complementary products - which you can take advantage of, today.

CleverTouch Momentum for Eloqua

When a Client asked could we solve the following two problems, we had a good think.

Problem #1
“We need to drive Eloqua adoption and make it really easy to use for people of all abilities.”

Problem #2
“We need to find a way to manage the backlog of user requests for builds.”

We had such a good think that Momentum for Eloqua is the by-product available today.

CleverTouch Event Check-In Manager

Marketing Automation platforms provide a great tool for automated event registrations, but post-event activity is often left manual. Our ‘CleverTouch Event Check-In Manager’ closes this gap.

Pull a list of registrants into our multi-platform application and streamline the process of being checked in as they arrive on the day. Enrich your data with insights gained from face-to-face conversations and push all of this data directly back into your platform. All at the touch of a button.

The Event Check-in Manager removes the need for a delay between the event itself and any follow-up communications. In fact, there is no reason why you can’t trigger an email from your Marketing Automation platform to your attendees as soon as they’ve been checked in.

CleverTouch Smart Subscription Centre

If your business comprises of numerous distinct business units, then managing subscriptions and user preferences can be tricky. Throw in multiple regions and you can end up with a mess. Contacts are potentially faced with a complex and convoluted subscription centre which is difficult to navigate and confusing to use. Our Smart Subscription centre creates order from the chaos, providing the end user with an intuitive, simplified view of subscription groups.


Collaborating data from a number of disparate marketing technology platforms used to be a real challenge. Until CleverStats was born.

CleverStats connects to Marketing Automation platforms and as standard, but then using its API, can connect to many other marketing technology platforms to create an extensive data warehouse. From here CleverStats shows a holistic view of your data, generates bespoke reports and delves into more detail of the overall marketing impact.

In fact here at CleverTouch we use it to connect with our project management tool to provide a joint view of our marketing activity, client revenue and project profitability too.