Pardot Social Posting Enhancement

Today Pardot have released enhancements to its social posting functionality. If you’ve ever used the social posting in Pardot you’ll know it is fairly limited and doesn’t offer much creativity with your posts, especially when posting images.

They’ve recognised this and have now updated social posting to allow you to add images. No longer will you just post a link to an image, it’ll be displayed natively across the social channels as you would expect.

Social Posting Image

You are able to add an image either directly from existing images in Pardot or you can upload a new image on the fly.

The interface has been simplified, you’ll now choose the social accounts to post to and Pardot campaign, and then create your message with two additional options of adding a link (Custom Redirect, File, Form or Landing Page) or image. All you have to do then is choose to schedule or post immediately.

Pardot continues to make some great updates and we look forward to seeing what they’ve got for us in the near future.