Sustainable Martech at Kew Gardens

9.30am - 2pm
80 - 120
The Nash Conservatory, Kew Gardens

What is Sustainable Martech?

Sustainable Martech is the practice of championing simplicity and integration over complexity and (unnecessary) cost.

It is about doing more with less and based on a really clear vision. We believe that it is much better to have a simple martech spine with a complex integration between platforms than a complex stack with simple integration.

Why Attend?

Here we will showcase what it means to operate a Sustainable Martech strategy:

  • Do you have a clear and ambitious vision? One that places digital and the customer at the heart of everything you do?
  • Are you as focused on customer retention strategies and technologies as much as you are on net new customer acquisition?
  • Do you consider organisational design before your martech adoption

Key Details

Date: Wednesday 12th October
Time: 9.30 – 2pm
Location: Kew Gardens, The Nash Conservatory
Format: A morning of presentations with a buffet lunch served after
Explore Kew: You are free to enjoy the splendour of Kew, post-event

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