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Our Brand – Digital DNA

Why Digital DNA is Central to Our Thinking

Every digital or physical customer interaction with your brand leaves traces of behaviour, thinking and insight which can be used intelligently to improve customer experience.

Leave a Lasting Legacy With Marketing Automation

As marketers your careers will no longer simply be judged on the brands you build, the campaigns you run and the interest you generate. You will also be judged on the coherent technology you put in place, the insight you garner and the customer experience you establish.

Digital DNA Is All About Intelligent Engagement

The CleverTouch brand is built around a simple concept of helping our customers increase relevancy to their customers and within the organisations they work for, through the intelligent deployment and engagement of marketing technology.

Empowering the Future of Marketing by Blending the Digital and Physical Experience

At CleverTouch we believe the digital and marketing leaders of the future will combine the digital experience with the physical experience seamlessly, by embedding marketing automation capabilities into their organisations for increased customer insight and future outperformance.

CleverTouch Was Created by Marketers With Marketing Automation in Mind

We work with smart and ambitious brands who believe, like us, that optimising their investment in a coherent set of marketing technologies will drive new thinking, insight and respect inside the organisation. More powerfully we see it repeatedly driving revenue outperformance too.