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February 2017

Account Based Marketing – A New Technology or a New Way of Thinking?

Account Based Marketing (ABM) was one of the biggest marketing buzzwords of 2016. But is it just hype? After all, marketers have been doing ‘Account Based Marketing’ for years…

This event is to expose and explore ABM, the hype, the reality and how to think about and plan for it in 2017.

Drawing upon numerous speakers each providing a different angle of ABM – from campaigns, to technical functionality to data management and reporting – you will leave this event with a clear understanding and a plan of action.

Date: Thursday 16th February

November 2016

Data Management, Reporting & Forecasting With Marketing Automation

With the upcoming introduction of GDPR, data management is fast becoming reputation and brand management – and Marketing is responsible.

When it comes to reporting, many marketing departments go no further than reporting on open rates, click through rates and impressions – and whilst these metrics are important to make tactical marketing changes for incremental improvement – senior executives and the rest of the business are looking for more insight from Marketing.

For some organisations this is the ability to demonstrate marketing’s ROI – to prove to the business that marketing is contributing to the bottom line. For others this is taking ROI a step further and being able to forecast future performance. Other departments, such as Sales and Finance, are predicting futures, yet Marketing is still very much caught up on past performance and proving its historic value.

This event will look into how the intelligent use of Marketing Automation can be used not only for data management, but can transform the way the business views Marketing with the ability to report on ‘metrics that matter’ and continually demonstrate Marketing’s value.

September 2016

From Lead Source to Salesforce With Marketing Automation

Pardot’s acquisition by Salesforce has changed the industry dynamic considerably. Not only is Pardot the fastest growing Marketing Automation vendor but now as part of the Salesforce family, it is fast becoming a platform of reckoning for Enterprise as well as SMB customers alike.

Enterprise level technology requirements have expanded Pardot beyond the core feature set. For example, local country hosting, increased platform security and campaign capability are just some of the demands that have been put on Salesforce.

One of the most interesting developments has been in the pursuit of a common database architecture. This is incredibly appealing as the ability to dynamically report on both sales and marketing activity in one unified funnel is a requirement of nearly all businesses operating competitively today.

Why Attend?

This event is about showcasing how clients are using Pardot and Salesforce inter-operable in their environments today. With insight and learnings from SMB and Enterprise clients, this event should appeal to everyone who has Salesforce and has, or is, considering Pardot or Marketing Automation in general. In both cases the ability to track the opportunity from source to sale is critical to their own personal success as well as that of the business.

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July 2016

Marketing Automation in the Enterprise, Lessons Learned

A few years ago, Silicon Valley based Marketo was the marketing automation platform of choice for like-minded fast growth start-ups.

Since then a lot has happened; Marketo has acquired businesses such as Crowd Factory to add additional functionality and has IPO’d (Nasdaq: MKTO). Today the company remains proudly independent and continues to grow at over 50% per annum and at the same time draw the attention of global enterprises, including Deloitte and Bank of New York Mellon, our customer advocates at this event, and two of the most ambitious and considered organisations to deploy marketing automaton in Europe.

This event is designed to operate above the platform itself. It is as much about the marketing planning, the ambitions, the key learnings and the softer side of a successful marketing automation implementation and ongoing strategy.

It is also a chance to hear and network with like-minded ambitious marketers who realise that marketing has changed, and it is as much about the technology you put in place as the marketing campaigns you run.

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April 2016

Marketing Automation: Organisational Design & Deployment

The Organisational Design & Deployment of Marketing Automation event on Tuesday 19th April is a breakfast briefing organised for Marketing and Business leaders in organisations who currently have Marketing Automation or are thinking about implementing it in the near future.

The event is presented by CleverTouch with two guest speakers from global organisations who will be sharing their experiences of organisational design required for successful Marketing Automation, as well as their key learnings from rolling out Marketing Automation globally across the business. The event is delivered by our clients with an honest assessment of their experiences, their tips and their vision for the future to help make your Marketing Automation journey more successful.

Key themes covered in this event:

  • The role of marketing operations, what it includes (technology, processes, data etc) and how it works alongside campaign / brand marketing
  • Marketing Automation strategy and execution and the need for an internal and an external perspective
  • Working globally, sharing best practice and identifying key centres of excellence

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Event Presentations

Marketing Automation at Eaton
VMware and Marketing Operations
The Changing Face of Marketing
November 2015

Marketing Automation: The Next Step From

A Marketing Automation breakfast briefing looking at how Marketing Automation is the next step from Salesforce CRM.

Event Presentations

How OCLC Developed & Improved Their Marketing Automation Strategy
Steve Taylor, Marketing Manager
How Lumesse Successfully Implemented & Integrated Marketing Automation With Salesforce CRM
Ian Dollimore, Marketing Chief of Staff
Deploying Marketing Automation and CRM Together From a Data and Sales Perspective
Phil Ball, Business Director and Gareth Russell-Jones, Consultant
September 2015

Marketing Automation in the Financial & Professional Services

A Marketing Automation breakfast briefing focusing on Marketing Automation in the Financial and Professional Services.

Event Presentations

The Meaning of Marketing, through Marketing Automation
Adam Sharp, MD & Co-Founder
PayPal's B2B Demand Generation Story
Jana Savchenko, Senior Manager B2B UK Lead Generation
Marketing Automation: The Old Mutual Wealth Journey
Steve Redding, Head of Digital Marketing
July 2015

Digital Transformation Through Marketing Automation

A Marketing Automation breakfast briefing focusing on the role of Marketing Automation in digital transformation.

Event Presentations

Digital Disruptive Thinking: Driving the New Strategic Digital Framework
Stewart Conway, Head of Digital Marketing
May 2015

Marketing Automation in an Enterprise World

A Marketing Automation breakfast briefing focused on Marketing Automation in an Enterprise World.

Event Presentations

An Experience of Rolling Out Eloqua
Claire Sifah, Digital Marketing Executive
Optimising Your Eloqua Investment
Nina Bennett
January 2015

Marketing Automation Breakfast Briefing: Pardot Users

A Marketing Automation breakfast briefing focused on SMEs using Pardot.

Event Presentations

Starting the Markeitng Automation Journey
Nick Eades, Marketing Director